Brands experienced 3X lift in ROAS and 1.5X lift in CTR when leveraging movement creative

Advertisement creative is arguably one of the most important variables when influencing consumer brand engagement. In the current digital advertising landscape, popular domains are littered with advertisements, so how does an advertiser catch a consumer’s eye? Movement. This is not flashing prices on products, but instead thoughtfully constructing HTML5/GIF creative, focusing on a few subtle movements.



  • Lift ROI metrics across all campaigns

  • Increase consumer interaction with creative

METHODOLOGY: Across the active-outdoor vertical A/B testing was implemented comparing traditional static imagery and HTML5 / GIF movement imagery. Performance was measured based on key metrics: click-through-rate (CTR), return on ad spend (ROAS) and in-domain consumer interactions (i.e. hover rate, in-view time etc.) Creative testing was also analyzed separately between prospecting and remarketing campaigns for the purpose of understanding the dynamics of brand-aware (remarketing) and brand-unaware (prospecting) consumers. Within the study, audience targeting was held constant across both creative groups and multi-client tests were done to remove client specific noise from the results.


RESULTS: Overall, HTML5/GIF creative generated a 3X lift in ROAS and a 1.5X lift in CTR when compared to static imagery. Ad engagement metrics also experienced lift, resulting in a 17% lift in hover rates and a 20% lift in viewability rates.  These metrics show that consumers are engaged with the advertisement leading to improved on-site metrics and ultimately an increase in sales conversions. HTML5/GIF creative also generated a 2X lift in prospecting CTR suggesting movement imagery is a powerful and effective branding tool.

FASTG8 RECOMMENDATIONS: HTML5/GIF creative encourages consumers to physically engage with the creative correlating with lift in CTR and ultimately ROAS for remarketing campaigns. Dynamic movement creative can also demonstrate product use/description providing brand story-telling value without video/audio assets. Finally, by isolating product as a piece of the movement, consumers eyes are easily drawn to the most important part of the ad, your product.